Dice Gambling Game Type at online caisno

Most of the games we often find in online casinos are card games and slot machines, but now there is a game that is very popular among players – craps.

The most important thing in this type of craps game is luck and accurate prediction, which can be practiced by betting often and using probabilities. For new gamblers who want to play craps games, what are some of the games worth playing?

  • Sic Bo

The game of craps betting may already be familiar to many of you, as this game is often seen in movies. The game of craps is a game that requires luck and experience, but don’t just place a bet just because the rules are simple, as this could cost you a lot of money.

The basic rule is that the dealer puts the dice into a cup with a lid and shakes it. The player then makes a bet on the outcome of the dice in the cup, such as over/under, the number that appears, etc. If the prediction is correct, the player will receive his or her prize.

For newcomers, it is best to start with an over/under bet. This is the least risky way of betting. Other bets are best practiced by practicing your prediction skills.

  • Gourd-Crab-Shrimp-Fish

What is Gourd-Crab-Shrimp-Fish ? They use paper plates to place bets on gourds with pictures of animals and small paper tags, with different symbols engraved on the back of the betting slip. In the past, this was fun. Online casinos with this game are very hard to find, but som casinos has prepared this nostalgic and fun game for you.

The rules are basically the same as before, but the labels have been changed to the form of dice. There are 6 different images of gourds, crabs, fish, tigers, chickens and shrimps on the dice. In which the player can choose to bet on all 6 symbols, the player is free to choose the bet. You can bet on two or three symbols. If the guess is correct, the prize will be awarded based on the portion of the bet that has been placed.

Both craps games can be found on the latest online casinos and you can go there to play. By being able to apply for membership and choosing the applicable welcome bonus, this bonus can be used to play for free, so hurry up and start playing.